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Doing business with us means...

Quick deliveries
Schulteco Pumps & Systems has most items in stock. So, ordering today - few days delivery.

Schulteco has a very good utulized workshop where we can fix, service and repair all common pumps. Also new buid and assabling of complete skids and systems with any type of drive. 

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After sales service
Pumps buildt by Schulteco are ment for maximum reliablility. Besides that, they are so extremely easy to service and maintain that you will be able to inspect or clean or eventually repair them yourselve. Spare parts or pumps are in stock. And if in need, we will dismantle a pump to get this spare for you.

Schulteco, your best portal to:
XYLEM Jabsco Sanitary/Hygienic Flexible Impeller pumps and Rotary Lobe Pumps.
MP PUMPS A Wide Range of Centrifugal Pumps serving the agricultural, industrial/commercial, marine and transportation markets.
FLOJET Diaphragm, Centrifugal & Sliding Vane pumps for drinks, foodstuff, spraying and automotive applications.
TUTHILL Oil & Lubricating Gear pumps
OBERDORFER Bronze Gear & Chemsteel(divers alloys & plastics) pumps
SANSO magnetic drive centrifugal pumps
PROCON Rotary Vane pumps serving coffee machines, medical and other applications.